What is the ideal age?

Generally 7 to 14 is a good age to start, but you must consult an orthodontist for guidance as soon as you notice any irregularity. It will save time later in life.

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on the severity of the problem. When you consider the cost of this treatment, be sure to keep in mind the many benefits of having a beautiful healthy smile.

Is It Painful?

It’s not painless, but pain is mild and lasts for 2-3 days. Recent advances in treatment have made it more comfortable.

Do I have to modify my diet?

Not really, however avoid eating hard and sticky foods like chikki, chocolate etc. These foods can break or loosen your braces, making you uncomfortable and also can delay the treatment.

How do I clean my teeth?

Use a soft or medium bristled brush and brush 2-3 times a day with gentle circular motion.

Does it affect my performance?

Not at all. You need to take care of your braces during contact sports like cricket, football, hockey, boxing etc to prevent injury to teeth and lips and damage to braces.

What About taking out teeth?

Teeth need not always be removed. However if there is insufficient space for the teeth, they may need to be removed. Tooth removal doesn’t affect any other part of the body.

What changes can it bring about?

  1. It creates an attractive and healthy smile.
  2. A healthy, confident and attractive smile reflects your high self esteem.
    • It has an impact on your personal and professional relationships. Give yourself a gift of an attractive smile with orthodontic treatment.
  3. See what difference orthodontic treatment (braces) can make!!